Clinical studies

Read and download our clinical studies, case studies, poster studies and thesis.

Clinical studies

Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in Endocrinology Clinics by Using Handheld Cameras and Applying Artificial Intelligence Algorithms _ Journal of the Endocrine Society _ Oxford Academic

Comparison of Angiography Performance of Low-cost portable Fundus camera with standard FFA camera – Validation Study

Evaluation of Aurora Fundus Camera Performance in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening by Ophthalmologist Grader and Visual Artificial Intelligence

Predictors of Photographic Quality with a Handheld Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera used for Screening of Vision Threatening Diabetic Retinopathy

Comparison of the effectiveness of three retinal camera technologies for malarial retinopathy detection in Malawi

Diagnostic test accuracy of diabetic retinopathy screening by physician graders using a handheld non-mydriatic retinal camera at a tertiary level medical clinic

Case studies

Choroidal melanoma suspect
Diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic retinopathy (type 1 diabetes)
Diabetic retinopathy (type 2 diabetes)
Heredomacular Degeneration

Case studies of children with Retinoblastoma

Retinoblastoma, 6 months old baby
Retinoblastoma, 1-year-old
Retinoblastoma, 3-year-old
Retinoblastoma, 3,5-year-old

Poster studies

Diabetic Retinal Screening in Haemodialysis Clinics throughout Northern Ireland
The Importance of Handheld Retinal Imaging in Haemodialysis Clinics
Image quality of fundus photographs of diabetic eyes
Diabetic retinopathy screening; The potential for handheld fundus cameras
Novel handheld technology for Fluorescein Angiography Imaging
Feasibility of a handheld non-mydriatic fundus camera in pediatric use: evaluating ease of use and image quality


Thesis of advanced Studies – Applicability of fundus photography in examination of neurological emergency room patients compared to ophthalmoscopy
Optomed Avenue – software for the screening of diabetic retinopathy – A survey study about the software for opticians and specialist in the optic industry (in Finnish only) ​