Optomed's fundus camera products and solutions

Optomed is a leading manufacturer of handheld fundus cameras globally.

Majority of vision loss could be avoided, if everyone had access to regular eye screenings. Our handheld fundus cameras are designed to enable effective eye screenings for everyone.

Doctor taking image of female patient with masks on

Eye screening for everyone – wherever they are

By combining our cameras with our software and artificial intelligence solutions, we enable eye screening for everyone – wherever they are.

The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) based diagnostics is growing and we believe that integrating AI with handheld fundus cameras will revolutionize fundus screenings.

We are constantly investing in the development of our cameras and software. Our products have a strong international patent portfolio consisting of over 50 international patents.

Optomed  handheld fundus cameras – patented high-quality technology

Our product range includes handheld fundus cameras, Optomed Aurora and Optomed Smartscope PRO. In addition, we are developing fundus cameras that fit the needs of our OEM customers.

Nurse imaging patients eye

Improving fundus examination in neurology

Ocular fundus examination is an essential part of neurologic examination of patients with headaches, hypertensive crisis or acute neurological deficits.

Optomed handheld fundus camera enables fundus imaging without pupil dilation, and image can be reliably taken by non-physician staff.

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