Insider management

Optomed complies with the EU regulation (especially the Market Abuse Regulation, (MAR)) and Finnish legislation, the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities Markets Authority and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Last modified: 7.6.2022

Insider management

The regulation is supplemented by the Company’s own insider guidelines. The compliance is monitored by the Company’s own insider administration.

The Company has defined Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility of the Company (the “PDMRs”) to include the members of the Optomed Board of Directors and Optomed Leadership Team. In addition, the Company maintains a list of persons that participate in the financial reporting of the Company (the “Financial Reporting Group”).

PDMR Declarations

As per the Company’s insider guidelines, both the PDMRs and their related parties must report any transactions with respect to financial instruments of the Company within two business days from the transaction. The Company announces the transactions of PDMRs and their related parties through stock exchange release.

Trading Restrictions

The PDMRs and the Financial Reporting Group are not allowed to trade 30 days before the publication of the Company’s financial statement bulletin and interim reports, and on the day of the publication.

Further, in case the Company assesses and resolves to delay a disclosure of a major project or other matter, the Company establishes a project specific insider list. A person entered in the project-specific insider list is not allowed conduct any trading. Optomed has no permanent insiders.