Enabling Screening for All

We are the pioneer in portable eye screening technologies. Our handheld imaging devices and AI services help to improve access to eye screening for blinding eye diseases.

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FDA clears Optomed Aurora AEYE

Redefine diabetic retinopathy detection with the first FDA-cleared handheld AI fundus camera for the autonomous, on-the-spot detection of diabetic retinopathy. 


Joined forces

Optomed and Toku Inc. enter a partnership to commercialize AI.

Diabetic retinopathy

The number of diabetics has been growing rapidly around the world and one third of them suffer from diabetic retinopathy, the most common cause of vision loss in working-age adults.

Diabetic retinopathy is treatable, if detected early. However, due to the limited number of ophthalmologists and eye screening services, majority of diabetics globally do not have access to regular screenings.


of what we learn is through our eyes.¹


million diabetics worldwide.²


of vision-related problems are preventable and treatable.³

¹ J. Zaba. Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Volume 22, 2011. ² International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas 2021, 10th ed. ³ The World Health Organization Visual Impairment and blindness Fact Sheet N282 August 2014

Our solution to a global problem

Effective eye screening prevents diabetes-related blindness and reduces overall health care costs.

We develop innovative and affordable solutions to enable eye screening for all patients worldwide.

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