As part of its strategy, the company aims to leverage its key strengths to accelerate growth and provide innovative and affordable devices and software solutions that enable eye disease screening for everyone.

Last modified: 22.4.2022

Growth strategy

Further, the company has a long-term growth strategy comprising three key paths:

1. Growth in existing markets and entering geographical new markets

  • Growth through existing distribution network and adding new distributors to existing and new markets
  • Growth with existing and new OEM customers
  • Expansion to the US market

2. Expansion into new customer segments

  • New end-user segments, e.g. general practitioners, primary care, emergency rooms
  • Expanding distributor network to include primary care specialised distributors

3. Focus on bringing new products and solutions to the market

  • New research initiatives and continuous expansion of the product family
  • Software offering with artificial intelligence and integration with cameras
  • Artificial intelligence powered solution provides possibilities to develop a new business model with recurring revenue