Corporate governance

Last modified: 16.6.2021

Corporate governance

Optomed is a Finnish limited liability company with headquarters in Oulu, Finland. Optomed and its subsidiaries have in total approximately 100 employees and global operations. The group’s business is managed by the two reportable segments supported by group functions. Optomed is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

Optomed uses a single-tier governance model. The responsibility of Optomed’s management lies with Shareholders’ General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the CEO. Their duties are mainly defined in the Finnish Companies Act.

The General Meeting elects the Board of Directors and the Company’s auditor. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO, appoints the Leadership Team members based on the CEO’s proposal, and is responsible for strategic management of the Company. The CEO is responsible for the management of the Company’s operations and governance in accordance with the instructions given by the Board. The CEO is assisted in his work by Optomed Leadership Team.

Optomed follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association (the “Code”). The Code is available at Additionally, the company follows, among others, the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and other laws and regulations applicable to publicly listed companies in Finland, the company’s Articles of Association, Board and committee charters, corporate policies and rules, as well as rules and guidelines issued by the European Securities and Markets Authority, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

Departures from Individual Recommendations

Optomed has not made any departures from the recommendations of the Code.