Optomed software solutions

Optomed develops and sells software solutions and artificial intelligence services for screening, automatic detection, and diagnosis of various eye diseases.

Majority of vision loss could be avoided if everyone had access to regular eye screenings. Optomed offers its customers a complete set of fundus cameras and software solutions with integrated AI for running cost-effective and accessible eye screening programs.

Optomed Avenue

Optomed Avenue is the next generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which combines everything that is needed for running successful eye screening projects. The Optomed Avenue includes access to artificial intelligence (AI) services, screening process management tools and remote image analyses.

Existing fundus cameras, regardless of manufacturer, can be connected to Optomed Avenue.

The following modules are a part of Optomed Avenue: Avenue AI, Avenue Archive, Avenue Eye Screen, Avenue Flow, Avenue Sync ja Avenue Telemedicine.

Enhance your Aurora IQ experience with compatible software solutions

Optomed offers the Avenue software platform to support the use of the Aurora IQ camera. Avenue AI has been created for more efficient access to artificial intelligence services. Avenue Sync is made for image and worklist communication between the camera and hospital systems (PACS). Avenue Archive is a complete patient data management solution for displaying, archiving, and transmitting healthcare information.