Disposable eye cups for hygienic retinal imaging

Where to buy

How to use the disposable eye cups

Wear disposable
gloves for hygienic

Attach both
base and disposable
parts to camera

Take the images
of the patient

Remove the disposable
part after use

Replace disposable
part after each patient

Optomed E-Safe single-use eye cup for hygienic retinal imaging.

Safe and hygienic retinal imaging

Optomed E-Safe is a new accessory for Optomed handheld fundus cameras. These patented, single patient-use disposable eye cups provide eye care professionals a safe and hygienic retinal imaging for their patients.

Optomed E-Safe consists of two pieces: a base part and a disposable part that will be replaced after each patient. One base part can be used ~1000 times.


Optomed E-Safe video