Optomed and Toku Inc. enter a partnership to commercialize AI for Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Optomed and Toku Inc. enter a partnership to commercialize AI for Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Optomed Plc  Press Release  30 May 2024 at 9.00, Helsinki

Optomed has signed a global partnership agreement with US-based artificial intelligence company Toku Inc. Toku specializes in imaging technology and AI and has recently been granted the FDA’s Breakthrough Device designation for its cardiovascular risk detection algorithm, CLAiR. CLAiR has also achieved a CE designation, according to MDR, and a UKCA. Toku also has an AI software called BioAge for assessing a person’s biological age in comparison to their chronological age, which is being commercialized in the United States and globally.

The partnership between Optomed and Toku aims at commercializing Toku’s CLAiR and BioAge with Optomed’s AI solution platform globally. Optomed’s CEO Juho Himberg comments: “We are excited to partner with Toku and see that this partnership aligns well with Optomed’s strategy to become a leading provider of AI enabled healthcare solutions. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide, with 49,000 deaths per day globally. To be able to assess the risk for developing CVD early on brings immense benefits to patients and the healthcare system as a whole.”

Toku’s CEO Ehsan Vagheri comments: “We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Optomed. Toku’s mission is to make identifying diseases accessible for everyone, everywhere, all the time We see great value in making our technology available with a handheld fundus camera that does not require extra space at the clinic and allows mobile or at-home use.”


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Optomed in Brief

Optomed is a Finnish medical technology company and a leading manufacturer of handheld fundus cameras and screening software. Optomed combines handheld fundus cameras with software and artificial intelligence with the aim to transform the diagnostic process of various diseases, such as rapidly increasing diabetic retinopathy. Optomed has offices in Finland, the US and China and the company’s products are sold via various sales channels in over 60 countries globally.

Toku in Brief

Toku, Inc. is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in developing non-invasive, AI-powered diagnostic and screening tools using retinal imaging to measure cardiovascular and other health risk factors. The company’s first commercialized product, BioAge, analyzes biometric markers visible in the retinal image to accurately measure an individual’s biological age. The test can provide a detailed report on an individual’s overall health. The Company is also developing the CLAiR platform, an AI-powered technology to assess cardiovascular risk by means of retinal photographs of the back of the eye. The CLAiR platform has received Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA in November 2023 and CE & UKCA Marks in 2024. MyKidneyAI is the latest in Toku’s suite of products. Toku is committed to making its technology widely accessible through its major partnerships across the world. The company’s technology is built on the latest research in AI, and its team of experts includes leading scientists and medical professionals.