“This year, the synergy between Optomed’s Devices- and Software segments will materialise.”

– Markku Myllylä, Vice President, Software

Optomed has two synergic business segments, Devices and Software. Meet Markku Myllylä, leader of the Software segment.

Would you tell us about your background and role at Optomed Plc?

I am a graduate engineer and a programmer, and I have worked as a software developer in various Finnish and international companies my entire career. I was one of the founders and the CEO of the software company that was merged with Optomed in 2018. When the acquisition took place, we were the leading company in digitalizing imaging in Finnish hospitals with over 20-years of expertise in this area. It was a very natural step to unite forces with Optomed and start doing the same on a global scale.

Describe yourself as a person and a leader?

I try to be reliable and keep the basics, such as organising the best possible working conditions for my team, in order. I have full trust in my team and focus on giving them a flexible working environment, but I expect motivation and performance in return.

I am results-oriented in a good way, which means that I get excited when things get resolved or completed. I am very driven by continuous improvement, but sometimes in the excitement of developing, I forget to reward the team. Hopefully, they still feel highly respected and valued and are ready to proceed together with me to solve the next task.

What do you value most in your team?

My team is a true group of “Optomed” people considering our values, meaningfulness, expertise, innovation, and ambition. Over the years, the team members have developed to be extremely skilled and self-motivated experts. They are innovative and able to adapt to changing situations. They are also very persistent in their pursuit of success in their projects. We work well as a team and we have found our own ways to communicate. The COVID-19 pandemic and remote work have brought some challenges mainly to communication and this year we have decided to focus on improving information flow and togetherness in remote work.

What do you expect most from this year?

This year, the synergy between Optomed’s Devices- and Software segments will materialise. We are delivering new software products and complete screening solutions to our customers. I am excited to see how these major deliveries progress. For large customers, we are further developing our overall service. In our product development, we are developing new features to our current software offering and this year we are also developing completely new software products for the ophthalmology segment. There is plenty of room for improvement and development in many areas. All this creates a very solid foundation for future growth.