I can exploit my whole knowledge and experience in this job and learn something new almost every day

Riina Kangas

When I graduated in 2016 my main goal was to find a place to work where I can exploit my wide range of learning in visual communication. Optomed seemed like a dream place to work in at first sight – work assignments are diverse and exactly what was promised. I can exploit my whole knowledge and experience in this job, but still, learn something new almost every day. That’s how my passion for designing keeps its fire. I am happy to be in building a brand for good purpose. Also, a big plus for me is that I can work more internationally and I enjoy the challenges I am privileged to experience in my job.

Optomed has a great, world-changing mission. Before joining Optomed I was freshly graduated as Bachelor of Visual Communication. I have also a background in Visual Artisan. I have worked as an independent designer for the local companies for all years of my studies. I have gained almost 10 years of graphic design experience before I ended up at Optomed. My experience includes visual designing (printing and web), video production and photographing.

Riina Kangas,
Art Director, Graphic Designer

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