Avenue Cancer Screen is our screening process management software that improves the efficiency of cancer screening processes by automation. It saves healthcare resources and costs and improves access to care.

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Avenue Cancer Screen workflow management system is a software solution for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer units. It is scalable to manage individual stand-alone clinics or nationwide screening programs.

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Scalable solution for running cancer screening programs

Optomed is a major provider of process management software for cancer screening in Northern Europe. We offer our customers efficient tools to optimize breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings.

Avenue Cancer Screen has been in use in several public and private health care units in Northern Europe for several years with impressive results in screening process efficiency and cost reductions.

Avenue Cancer Screen breast cancer workflow management solution has been successfully used in the national breast cancer screening program in Finland since 2004. Optomed has worked together with the Finnish cancer society to improve awareness and access to screening.

The use of the software saves time and costs for health care units and improves the care of patients. It also standardises reporting and statistics according to international screening guidelines.

The screening software is modular, so it can be modified to fit the needs of different health care units.

Optomed is an experienced high-security information system provider and the screening software is designed with a focus on data protection and other health care sector privacy and regulatory requirements.