Non-mydriatic desktop fundus cameras

A recent addition to Optomed’s camera portfolio are fully automatic non-mydriatic desktop fundus cameras that offer high image quality and efficient workflow in an easy-to-use package.

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Both fundus camera types can be integrated into Optomed Avenue Services that expand the usage possibilities to for example Telemedicine and optional AI grading.

Optomed Polaris

Optomed Polaris tabletop fundus camera allows a high success rate with minimal training and requires less operating time.

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The camera’s 12MP image sensor provides crisp images that can be clearly visualized from the integrated 10.1″ display


3D tracking

Touch screen

Optional Integration
to AI

Optomed Halo

Optomed Halo is an automated portable retinal camera with superior optical performance. Operating the camera with a separate PC allows a social distance between the operator and patient.


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Social distancing is easily possible because the controlling laptop computer can locate as long as over 25 feet away from the camera or behind a glass wall.

3D tracking

Optomed Halo Dicom


Optomed Halo Portable


Optomed Halo Montage