A portable non-mydriatic desktop fundus camera

Retina screening in a small package

Social distancing is easily possible because the controlling computer can be located as far as 25 feet away from the camera or behind a glass wall. This makes image taking very safe and sterile for the patient.

3D tracking




Optomed Halo

Fully automated and compact fundus imaging

Its 26 pound frame can quickly and easily store in a cupboard when not in use, or travel with you to whatever clinic or location you may be. Simple operation helps find and track the patient’s movement, focus automatically, and take a reliably high quality image – even without dilation. Set up automatic export of JPEG or DICOM files for efficient retina and corneal imaging.

Perfect for a mobile screening clinic where you’d like the full features and ease of use of a traditional tabletop fundus camera, but don’t have the room or manpower to haul one. The Halo is a 45° camera with 12MP sensor that can be set to automatically export images to a connected PC, making saving to your EMR, reading center, or telemedicine platform simple.



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