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Color fundus photography is still the standard for DR screening1.

About 37.5 million people in the US have diabetes, with 96 million more with prediabetes2.

Within the diabetic population, diabetic retinopathy prevalence is estimated to be about 33%3 and is the leading cause of blindness in working age individuals in the US4. Due to the asymptomatic nature of this insidious disease, patients need to be screened regularly for evidence of diabetic retinopathy so that vision sparing treatment can be administered before long term damage occurs.

Optomed Aurora home health

Our handheld fundus cameras help screen for and document retinal disease.

Non-mydriatic fundus cameras have shown better sensitivity when detecting diabetic retinopathy when compared to direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy1. Whether you need a portable handheld fundus camera that still meets ETDRS screening standards5, or a simple to use 26-pound portable table-top camera, Optomed has solutions to meet your needs.

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