Products and Solutions

Optomed fundus cameras are designed to enable effective eye screenings for everyone with nonmydriatic handheld and tabletop fundus cameras.

Optomed handheld fundus cameras

Optomed is a leading manufacturer of handheld fundus cameras globally. Our ISO 10940 standard handhelds perform just as well as desktop models in both ease of use1, and in detecting diabetic retinopathy and edema2. They’re the handheld fundus cameras doctors prefer.

Optomed Aurora IQ

Optomed Aurora IQ


Optomed Aurora IQ is a 50° field of view handheld fundus camera that doesn’t require dilation, has high contrast optical design for quality images, and utilizes autofocus and autoexposure functions

Smartscope PRO

Optomed Smartscope PRO


Lightweight Non-mydriatic digital fundus camera featuring a 40° field of view. Perfect for veterinarians. Suitable for documentation of retinal and eye surface conditions of several different animal species including canines, felines, avian, equines, and zoo animals

Optomed desktop fundus cameras

Our non-mydriatic desktop fundus cameras combine a small form factor with ease of use. Their two click operation makes training and exam time short.

At only 26 pounds, its small form factor makes it an ideal pick for your mobile screening program. Same internal lens and operation as the Optomed Polaris. Ultra-compact and portable for an easy-to-use desktop. Does not include tablet, so PC/Laptop required.

Optomed Polaris

Optomed Polaris


Easy to use, fully automated 3-D tracking desktop fundus camera. Allowing your clinic to document retinal findings with minimal training time. A compact desktop fundus camera with simple two click operation that doesn’t require dilation in most instances. Its integrated 10″ Windows tablet allows easy viewing and operation with automatic export as JPEG, PNG, BMP, or DICOM.