On-the-spot detection of diabetic retinopathy with the handheld AI fundus camera

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Only one image per
eye without dilation

Results in less
than 60 seconds

No startup costs and
fixed monthly fee

Reimbursable with
code 922291

Revolutionizing Diabetic Eye Screening with Optomed Aurora AEYE

With unparalleled portability and adaptability, our solution sets a new standard in diabetic retinopathy screening that can be performed by any trained healthcare professional during routine patient exams.

FDA-cleared and clinically validated, it delivers desktop image quality2 in a handheld device, enabling screenings anywhere and anytime. Our solution is here to close the care-gap and drive significant improvements in patient outcomes and healthcare ratings.

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Pioneering a New Era with Autonomous AI Technology

As the first FDA-cleared handheld AI fundus camera, our solution is clinally validated delivering accuracy with over 90% sensitivity and specificity3. The Optomed Aurora AEYE stands alone in its ability to detect more than mild diabetic retinopathy with unmatched accuracy and precision.

Our solution sets a new standard for autonomous AI-powered diabetic retinopathy detection that can be performed by any trained healthcare professional, anywhere.

The Optomed Aurora AEYE advances healthcare, improves patient outcomes, and provides greater accessibility to all.

Exceptional clinical accuracy and precision in diabetic retinopathy detection3




This new FDA clearance is based on two large-scale prospective phase-III studies, in which AEYE-DS demonstrated best-in-class efficacy and imageability. Diagnostic sensitivity was in the range of 92%-93% and specificity was in the range of 89%-94%. In both studies, over 99% of patients received a diagnostic result. The AI produced its diagnostic results using only a single image from each eye, rarely requiring dilation.

Cutting-edge Technology to Empower Early Detection

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Optomed Aurora AEYE, revolutionizing eye care with its AI-powered capabilities.

With high-quality imaging and a high-contrast optical design, this portable device ensures desktop image quality wherever you go.

It is equipped with Smart Autofocus and Auto Exposure features and requires only one image per eye without dilation, allowing for easy exam process without compromising accuracy, making it the ultimate solution for efficient and effective diabetic retinopathy screening with results in less than 60 seconds.

Fast and Easy to Use with Immediate Results

Fundus imaging
with Optomed
Aurora AEYE

Images sent
to AI for

results in under
60 seconds

No referrable DR
detected / Referrable
DR detected


Join the Revolution in Eye Care

Our pioneering AI fundus camera combines the convenience of a no-start-up-cost model with the clinical excellence of a handheld device.

Offering instant screening results directly on the camera display, it enables scalable revenue growth for healthcare providers without the need for fixed imaging setups or cumbersome PC installations, redefining the economics of high-quality diabetic retinopathy screening.


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Experience the future of DR screening with us.

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