Optomed Aurora IQ and Smartscope PRO for Veterinarians

Optomed handheld fundus cameras offer an easy-to-use solution for veterinary eye examination purposes.

Optomed handhelds provide an easy and affordable way to document and diagnose eye injuries and retinal diseases, provide high quality images, and document the progression of the animals eye health.

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Optomed Aurora IQ

Optomed Aurora IQ handheld fundus camera has 50° field of view combined with non-mydriatic operation allows for detailed examination and ease of use in various cases. High contrast optical design helps to detect small early phase retinal changes. Monitor corneal abrasions and ulcers with fluorescein staining using the cobalt blue filter on the anterior segment module. Capable of autofocus and autoexposure as well as manual focus and manual exposure for varying eyes.

Smartscope PRO

Smartscope PRO handheld fundus camera is lightweight, affordable, and can capture images of the posterior and anterior segment of the eye. The Smartscope PRO camera is non-mydriatic and can be outfitted with retinal, corneal, and optional fluorescein angiography (FA) modules. Optomed’s handheld digital fundus camera featuring a 40° field of view is perfect for veterinarians.

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