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AI-based screening for diabetic retinopathy

During regular patient exams, achieve on-the-spot detection of diabetic retinopathy in under 60 seconds using only one image per eye without dilation.

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Aurora AEYE, FDA- Cleared Handheld Fundus Camera with AI Technology

Only one image per
eye without dilation

Results in less
than 60 seconds

No startup costs and
fixed monthly fee

Reimbursable with
code 92229

Empowering Early Detection with Aurora AEYE

More than 50% of the 38.4 million Americans who have diabetes skip their annual eye exams, leaving them vulnerable to diabetic retinopathy and blindness. Early detection and treatment, however, can reduce their risk of blindness by 95%.

On-the-Spot Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

Your primary care clinic can now quickly and accurately detect diabetic retinopathy during routine patient exams using the Aurora AEYE. This FDA-cleared, AI-enabled handheld fundus camera empowers anyone in your practice to conduct immediate screenings. Not only is it easy to use and affordable, but it also enhances care for your at-risk patients.

Join the Revolution in Eye Care

The American Medical Association (AMA) supports diabetic eye screening in primary care with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Diabetic retinopathy eye screening offers reimbursement (~40 Medicare National Average) with 92229 CPT Code.



Join the Revolution in Eye Care

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