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• Optomed Aurora AEYE fundus camera
• AEYE DS-Service
• Optomed Aurora AEYE Portal

Optomed Aurora AEYE solutions is FDA cleared class II medical software and device for detecting more than mild diabetic retinopathy autonomously.

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Monthly subscription includes:

• Fixed monthly payments
• Payment in advance in every three months
• 4-year contract term subject to terminate annually
• Full warranty throughout the entire lease*
• Customer support and product training

* Detailed description in the Equipment Lease End User License Agreement, Section 6


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Optomed Aurora AEYE Fundus Camera

• Handheld camera for capturing digital images of the fundus
• A detailed non-mydriatic examination with a high-resolution image
• Cloud connectivity to AEYE Health’s AI service (AEYE DS)
• Autofocus and autoexposure allow quick usage of the camera

AEYE DS-Service

• An artificial intelligence service for the analysis of fundus images
• For the real-time detection of more-than-mild diabetic retinopathy
• Detect with just a single image from each eye

Optomed Aurora AEYE Portal

• Register and manage accounts
• Review PDF AI results


Additional information

Included in the product set

  • Aurora IQ camera with WLAN
  • Retinal module
  • Eye Anterior module
  • Two batteries
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Two eye cups
  • Optomed E-Safe Disposable Eye Cups (product sample)
  • Dual Charger
  • USB cable
  • Case

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 16.9 × 5.1 × 13.8 in