Neuro-Ophthalmology focused. Superior optic neuropathies imaging and documentation


Empower your care team to image patients and share high-quality, actionable information with you.

The Aurora’s images provide highly detailed information that allows you to optimize the quality of patient care—by accelerating proper diagnosis of health risks and treating more patients (on-site and remotely).

  • Quick remote diagnosis. Images delivered to you through secure EMR connectivity.
  • Facilitates timely detection. Helps prevent missing critical cases with superior image documentation.
  • Close the gap. Clinically tested and validated, this reliable and affordable solution closes the gap on workflow efficiencies, risk management, and best practices.
  • Remote. Serve your communities, ED centers with no access to Ophthalmology specialty.
  • Allows easy and safe disinfection. Robust, documented cleaning and disinfection protocol for device and eye cups.
  • Slit-lamp. Operator captures images free-hand or install device on a slit lamp for more support.
  • Coming soon! Disposable eye cup.

Optomed Aurora handheld fundus camera is made for examination and documentation of the retina for various eye diseases.
Our fundus cameras offer:

FDA Approvals & Avenue Sync Integration

The Aurora fundus camera is FDA approved, HIPAA compliant, and secure. Avenue SYNC’s technology, also FDA approved, seamlessly connects your imaging to patient files via DICOM protocol.

The Aurora can expedite more reliable visualization, diagnoses, and treatments for such conditions as:

  • Papilledema and optic neuritis
  • NAION (Non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic
  • Optic disc drusen or pseudopapilledema
  • Microvascular disorders and other associated risks such as cerebral microangiopathy, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cerebrovascular cognitive impairment. (These detailed findings may improve insurance reimbursement and coverage.)



The Optomed Aurora IQ is a handheld fundus camera which has been designed to meet your needs both in usability and image quality.

The camera is made for examination and documentation of the retina and anterior of the eye for various eye diseases and neurological disorders.

The Aurora IQ camera includes a new High Contrast optical design that helps to detect small early phase retinal changes. A 50-degree field-of-view combined with non-mydriatic operation allows a detailed examination in various use cases. The ease of use is further increased by autofocus and autoexposure functions. It has the capability to capture digital images and video that can easily be sent to an ophthalmologist. The Aurora IQ camera can be easily integrated into different hospital systems.

Four-step testing and process with the Aurora

Engaging a Broader Medical Team

Other physicians and clinicians can easily train on and use the handheld device to quickly capture visual anomalies, impairments, and retinal risk issues with precision.

Mobile Patient Convenience

Accommodate more patients regardless of their capacity to be mobile, sit, bedside, or make any necessary adjustments to adapt to the testing equipment – for inpatient, practice, or remote exams.

Image Capture

In addition to ease of use, the autofocus and autoexposure features in the camera deliver more substantive, hi-resolution optic nerve and peripheral imaging.

Data Management and Connectivity

The Aurora images can be securely exported and routed to your EMR/PACS platform to share with anyone on your care team and into patient records with a few clicks.