Research and Development

Optomed is a research and development (R&D) oriented company and we focus on innovative fundus cameras and software solutions, which are used for screening and diagnosing blinding eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy. We have two R&D units in Finland, our unit in Oulu is responsible for developing our camera products and our Espoo unit focuses on developing our software solutions.

Our R&D team has three responsibility areas: (i) research, (ii) product development and (iii) production support. Our Devices-segment R&D does constant development work on our camera products and platforms. We develop our own fundus camera technology and we design and test new optical and illumination solutions to image the retina.

Our software segment focuses on developing our screening software and artificial intelligence algorithms and their integration into our product portfolio. We also work in close cooperation with several global research teams in developing AI for screening and diagnosing other eye diseases as well as signs of neurological and cardiovascular risks.

Since Optomed was established in 2004, the company has had a strong R&D focus. We aim to bring new and innovative products to meet our customer needs and to improve our existing camera, software and AI products.

Optomed has an extensive portfolio of 56 international patents protecting the technology. Patents, design protection registrations and trademarks are listed here.