New Software Update for Simplified Camera Usability

New key features of the software 3.3.7

Automatic focus
as default

Aim help
for autofocus

Four image sequence icon

New order
for four image

Folder creation icon

Folder creation
for captured

Optomed Aurora IQ Software Update video material

Optomed Aurora IQ software aimhelp in use

More about the new key features of the software 3.3.7

Autofocus as default

  • Automatic focus is recommended when the refractive error is not known or manually chosen diopter value yields blurred images. The automatic focus as default allows faster set up of camera for imaging or quick demonstration of the camera.

Aim help

  • Aim help specificity is increased with autofocus; aim – retina found – focusing – camera ready – press shutter, just focus on aiming, camera does the rest.
  • Autofocus can be forced; Aim with shutter pressed halfway – capture image by pressing the shutter fully, usable with situations when retina is not fully detected or difficult to reach. 

Worklist functionality

  • Only studies listed in uploaded worklist will be shown to user in camera’s study list. Studies created in camera are transferred to image browser right after imaging, neat study list in camera makes the locating of patients easier.

Four image sequence

  • The pupils are affected by flashlight thus it is recommended to start with optic disc-centered images. The new order of the sequence yields improved quality of images for AI service. 1. right disc 2. left disc 3. right macula 4. left macula.

Folder creation

  • Enable Create patient folders from settings of Client software and individual subfolders with patient name, ID and date and time for each study will be created automatically after imaging. For anonymous studies the software will create a folder with unique number instead of an ID.
Optomed Aurora IQ software update