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Annual General Meeting 2021

Last modified: 15.1.2021

Annual General Meeting 2021

The planned date for Optomed’s next Annual General Meeting is 28 April 2021. The notice of the meeting shall be given by the Board of Directors at a later date.

Possible requests from shareholders to put matters on the agenda of Optomed’s 2021 Annual General Meeting are to be sent to the Board of Directors no later than on 1 February 2021. If the Board of Directors convenes the Annual General Meeting in compliance with the act (677/2020) enabling temporary deviation from the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, only proposals submitted by shareholders who control at least one-hundredth of all shares in Optomed shall be included in the meeting notice. A written request, together with a proposal for a resolution shall be sent to Optomed Plc, Chief Legal Officer, Life Science Center, Keilaranta 16 B, FI-02150, Finland. The shareholder who makes the request also has the duty to ensure that their proposal for a resolution enables the Annual General Meeting to make a resolution on the matter.

Material for the general meeting: