by Christoffer Nyman, Regional Manager of Optomed

At Optomed we aim to support our local partners as much as possible. So when Timo Juurinen from Optiikka Juurinen Oy, our Finnish distributor, gave me a call and asked if I was interested in a road trip together with him up to Levi in Finnish Lapland, I did not hesitate a minute.

Our journey was planned so that the trip would last one week, with the beginning of the week consisting of end-user visits and the remainder participating in the Finnish Ophthalmological Society’s spring meeting in Levi, Finland.


Timo came to pick me up on Monday, where after we headed to Optiikka Juurinen’s office in Vantaa. We grabbed a cup of coffee and packed the car and were soon ready to start our journey. Our first stop was destined to be Kajaani (roughly 600 km from Helsinki to up north), so the first part of the trip was going to be long.

Timo Juurinen from Optiikka Juurinen Oy and a fully
stacked car full of equipment.

The time went by quickly, discussing various opportunities for the Smartscope system in Finland and throughout the world. Timo had made a reservation at a very cosy cottage, which included a Sauna. The next morning we woke up to a snowy landscape and headed our way to Kainuun Keskussairaala (main district hospital) where we demonstrated the system for pediatric and ER use. Imaging of bed bound patients was found to be very useful.

Entrance of Kainuun Keskussairaala

After the visit at the hospital, we turned our eyes towards Suomussalmi, to Kello-Optiikka Lappalainen, who is among the first optician users for Smartscope PRO in Finland. Mr. Lappalainen was very happy with the system and thought that a portable system is more flexible compared to a table-top camera.

Olli Lappalainen uses the anterior module (ES2) for
imaging the anterior segment.

We spent the night in Rovaniemi, the city of Santa Claus and the Smartscope PRO system made its first crossing of the Arctic Circle. Thereafter we demonstrated the system in Lapin Keskussairaala (main district hospital of Lapland), where the device was greeted with a lot of positive feedback. Especially for the imaging of children and other demanding patients.

Smartscope has now officially crossed
the arctic circle

After Rovaniemi we drove to Levi, the largest ski center in Finland, where the Finnish Ophthalmological Society’s meeting was held this year. The setting for the exhibition was superb and the view was certainly one of the best I’ve seen thus far. The meeting lasted two days and was filled with interesting lectures, discussions, and Smartscope demonstrations. Even though I am from Finland, I was once again reminded by the great distances and the need for portable devices that can easily be carried around to ensure patients receive care in time.

An efficient booth at the meeting with two Smartscopes
ready to be demonstrated.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and hope to see you next time!